Booster Mini



Mini booster (10x20cm) allows you to strengthen any insert in the most sensitive place without visibly increasing the thickness of the diaper. It is thin, but made of a very absorbent material. This makes it useful throughout the entire diaper period, because we can start using it even in the newborn period.
It is worth adding the booster to the diaper whenever we want to be more sure that there will be no leaks – e.g. during walks or during a nap. It also comes in handy during periods of teething, where babies often pee more than usual. This booster can be added to any insert or molding.

The Doodush mini booster is made entirely of natural materials without any polyester admixtures. So it is an ideal solution even for children with very sensitive skin. This composition prevents chafes and skin irritations.


Mini booster – two layers 75% bamboo/25% bio-cotton, 10×20 cm,

Thanks to the booster, you can increase the absorbency of any insert. Doodush boosters are made of highly absorbent materials and are useful throughout the entire diaper period – from newborn to older baby. This is a great solution that is worth using whenever we want to be more sure that the baby’s diaper will not leak – for example during walks or during a nap. They’re also useful during periods of teething, when babies often pee more than usual, or during the night.


Washing instruction:

  • max temperature 60 ° C
  • do not use rinsing liquid
  • do not iron
  • stretch after the washing in order to keep the shape of the insert better
  • can be dried in a tumble dryer


Remember that natural boosters need approx. 8 washes to gain the maximum absorption capacity.


Booster naturally shrinks by approx. 8-10% during washing.

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