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Reusable absorbent microfiber and microfleece / coolmax / mayka insert for reusable diapers and covers.

The lining on one side allows us to use this insert with pockets or covers, and it is only up to you what material you choose. Microfleece – for a feeling of dryness or coolmax – to feel moisture.

They have got huge absorption, dry quickly and fit well. They create a nice microclimate of the skin. Our microfiber absorprion inserts are antialergic, delicate and of the best quality.

The most important advantages of Doodush ecological microfiber absorbent inserts:

  • Soft, light and easy to wash
  • Antialergic
  • Polish quality
  • Excellent absorption
  • Quick drying time
  • Fitting shape.

Our microfiber inserts are available in three sizes: S, M and L.
M or L inserts can be combined with S insert to get extra absorbency.

S – 12.5×30 cm
M – 12.5×33 cm
L – 12.5×40 cm


S, M, L


Coolmax, Mayka, Mikropolar

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