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The insert with green trim is made of four absorbent layers. Optional:

  •  10 x 35 cm
  •  12 x 35 cm

The green lining (10×35 cm) is made of four absorbent layers.
Contrary to many products of this type on the market, this insert is entirely made of materials of natural origin with no polyester admixtures. So it is an ideal solution even for children with very sensitive skin. This composition prevents chafes and skin irritations.

It is an ideal insert for everyday use, it will be a great choice for parents who do not want the diaper to be too thick, also for those for whom comfort is important, because this insert does not need to be folded.

Natural insert short four-layer inserts (green hem) 


Doodush natural inserts are made of the highest quality, extremly absorbent materials. There are no synthetic admixtures, so they are definitely the healthiest option for your child’s bottom.


Natural Doodush absorbent inserts are innovative – the outer bio-cotton layers are combined with inner leaves made of bamboo with bio-cotton (75% bamboo, 25% cotton). Thanks to this combination, our inserts have very high absorbency and an excellent speed of moisture distribution. That prevents point leaks in the case of children who pee with a strong stream at one time. Bio-cotton disperses moisture quickly, but it is slightly less absorbent than bamboo, while bamboo has exactly the opposite properties – it absorbs slightly more, but disperses moisture a little slower. Bamboo placed under a layer of bio-cotton is therefore an ideal solution that allows you to perfectly combine the advantages of both materials.


Absorbent inserts can be used with pocket diapers and diaper covers.


Washing instruction:

  • max temperature 60 ° C
  • do not use rinsing liquid
  • do not iron
  • stretch after the washing in order to keep the shape of the insert better
  • can be dried in a tumble dryer


Remember that natural inserts need approx. 8 washes to gain the maximum absorption capacity.


Inserts naturally shrinks by approx. 8-10% during washing.


10 x 35 cm, 12 x 35 cm

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