About us

Children are like time – constantly in motion so they need comfortable, stretchy and good quality clothes that ensure thermal comfort, especially in summer and winter.

Roller skates, a scooter, a bike, playing football on the pitch, running on roller skis, sledding, skiing, or maybe ice skating. There are so many possibilities. However it is gymnastics or a walk in the mountains, the child also wants to feel good. That’s why I invite you to my store because the weather is always right for exercise and fun.

We are a small company from Poland that sews clothes from natural fabrics and knitwear such as merino wool, sheep wool, linen, cotton and organic cotton. We use fabrics produced in the EU and certified as safe for children. We do not save on weight – it has to be appropriate to the weather and temperature. We sew tracksuits from 290g cotton, merino wool products from 250g and 300g, linen from 180 to 280g depending on the type of product. We are very tempted by linen and hemp duvet covers and sheets, as well as merino and linen clothes for mother. Let them have something from life too! We own two clothing brands: Giggi and Crazy Merino, but we also cooperate with a very large manufacturer of reusable diapers – Doodush.

Few words about our fabrics.

Merino wool – is a natural raw material which is like a sheepskin coat for sheep in winter and like a dress in summer 😉 Although it is still the same wool, depending on the season, it is responsible for thermoregulation of the body. Man decided to use this wonderful raw material for his own benefit and with all its advantages.

Merino wool is produced from the fleece of Merino sheep, bred in the mountainous areas of New Zealand. The temperature range there (from 40°C in summer to -20°C in winter) has caused sheep to adapt to these demanding conditions over the years.

Basic advantages of Merino wool:

– THERMOREGULATION – although this wool is dense, its fibers are thin and delicate, so in winter it protects the animal against frost by retaining the heat produced by the body, and in summer it wicks moisture and excess heat outside, giving a feeling of comfort.

– SOFTNESS AND GENTLENESS – due to the thin fibers it is soft, delicate and light, and yet warm.

– WICKING MOISTURE – during physical activity, it wicks moisture away, it does not absorb it like a cotton T-shirt. How does it happend? Merino wool is hydrophilic on the inside (absorbs water molecules), and on the outside, where it is covered with lanolin, it is hydrophobic (repels water molecules). Thanks to this, moisture does not remain between the fibers, but is released into the environment, making the skin feel dry even when the clothing is damp.

– The effect of good moisture removal is also PREVENTING UNPLEASE ODORS and ANTIBACTERIALITY – due to lack of moisture, bacteria do not have conditions to multiply, in addition, lanolin, which covers its fibers, additionally inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, mites and fungi.

– ELASTICITY – merino wool clothes are very flexible and resistant to deformation, even after stretching they return to their original form, which is due to the elasticity of the fibers.

– EASY TO CLEAN – thanks to the high content of lanolin (sheep fat), dirt does not immediately penetrate the fibers, so wool is easy to clean, provided that we try to remove the dirt within a moment before it penetrates the fabric. Additionally, clothes made of this material do not require frequent washing, but airing helps.

– PROTECTION AGAINST UV RADIATION – merino wool has a UPF filter of at least 50, which provides complete sun protection.

– Due to its natural origin, merino wool is fully BIODEGRADABLE.


Linen is a material known since ancient times and, according to many sources, the oldest textile fiber in the world: its use dates back to 8,000 years BC. The Phoenicians, famous merchants and excellent navigators, bought flax in Egypt to export it to Ireland, England and Brittany: through this route the fiber reached the European continent.

Flax is a fiber consisting of and obtained from the cultivation of the stem of the common flax plant (Linum usitatissimum), consisting of approximately 70% cellulose. The nature, composition and structure of the fibers give linen unique properties.

– Linen fabric and knitwear are resistant to fungi and bacteria, which is why it is an effective barrier to some diseases.

– Linen does not cause an allergic reaction.

– Linen is very hygroscopic and can absorb up to 20% of its weight while remaining dry to the touch.

– Bedding has high air permeability and heat conduction properties.

– People sweat 1.5 times less in linen than in cotton and 2 times less than in viscose clothing.

– Linen is spectacularly famous for its durability and longevity.

– Bedding and articles containing linen – can be easily washed in hot water, can also be boiled and dried in the sun, and can be hot ironed, which ensures maximum sterilization.

– Linen reduces gamma radiation by almost half and protects the human body from solar radiation.

We are constantly expanding our assortment with new products, so please visit us.

If you are interested in cooperation, please write to us. We produce clothes from merino wool, cotton and linen. We will be happy to supply your store with original and high-quality products. You don’t have to order large quantities at once, our cooperation can develop slowly.