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This is new – our classic Giggi baggy in a new edition.

They are loose, comfortable, do not restrict movement and, above all, extremely soft.

They are also suitable for reusable diapers.

The butt will always fit. (Also take a look at our friendly brand of reusable diapers, Doodusch.)

Made of 100% Australian Merino wool fabric 200g and knitwear 250g – from the cuffs, through the legs, to the pocket.

The cuffs and belt are made of merino fabric, the pants and pocket are made of thin, suit-like, extremely soft merino wool fabric.

Sizes from 98 have two front pockets and a cotton string in the belt.

Sheep wears wool all year round and doesn’t complain 🙂 Following in her footsteps, we present our woolen bags – soft, but also having all the other advantages that wool offers, such as thermoregulation – maintaining the optimal body temperature at a given moment. Wool fibers retain air, so even in not very thick clothes you are warm, but when it gets too warm and you start sweating, it wicks moisture away from the body, preventing you from overheating.

Wool is also antibacterial – it does not electrify and does not attract dust and, with it, microbes. Additionally, lanolin, which covers its fibers, inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, mites and fungi. All this together also prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

Moreover, which is very important for children – the hydrophobicity of the fibers causes dirt to penetrate more slowly, giving us a little more time to react. However, to refresh clothing made of wool, airing is most often recommended.

Our pants are solidly made of certified fabric, and the cut also means that kids don’t grow out of them so quickly. They will last a long time provided they are properly cared for.

How to care.

We don’t wash woolen clothes often. We mainly ventilate. However, if the moment comes when we decide to wash them, remember a few important rules:

  • Wash by hand in water at about 30 degrees or in the washing machine on a wool program (30 degrees without spinning or max. 400 revolutions, preferably on the left side to reduce pilling),
  • Use a delicate liquid for washing (in case of hand washing – soak the clothes, rinse in lukewarm water, squeeze out excess water),
  • Dry flat You can iron on the left side with the iron set to a low temperature or a setting dedicated to ironing wool,
  • In the case of pilling (a natural process resulting from friction during everyday use), the balls can be removed using a comb, a disposable shaver or an electric shaver to remove pilling. Always proceed carefully to avoid damaging the fabric.



74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110

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